vault Design

Security has never looked so beautiful.

Premium materials including aluminum alloy casing.

Haptic feedback for secure touch input and confirmation.

Secure zone LED to indicate trusted environment.



The Coinvest Vault has hardware based key-storage and physical measures to protect against unauthorized access to hardware security modules. With it’s FIDO / U2F support, the Vault can also be used as a security key and secure two-factor authentication. It’s dedicated screen and authentication chip also protects from connecting with infected host computers.


Coinvest Vault offers multiple security measures including potting to prevent reverse engineering to determine its design and working processes. The Vault also has a snap-in and adhesive enclosure that are both tamper-resistant, tamper-evident, and will display any attempts of physical intrusion.

Supply Chain

The Coinvest Vault is manufactured in North America. All suppliers are vetted to ensure increased security during the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution processes. Device packaging includes adhesive and dual tamper evident stickers on both the inside and outside packaging.

A Small Footprint But Big Heart

Small enough to be portable. Large enough to operate with ease. Secure enough to take a punch.

A PremiumExperience

Intuitive User Experience

The Vault features seamless integration with the Coinvest platform, empowering anyone to exchange and trade hundreds of digital assets using only one wallet and COIN.

Security Key Support

Use your Vault as a security key for 2FA with popular sites such as Facebook, Dropbox, Bank of America, and more. Visit here for a list of websites that support U2F.

Premier Support

Coinvest offers best in-class service with time-zone support and coverage all across the world.


Processor Microchip A5D2 processor with a dedicated crypto IC (ATTEC608A) provisioned from the factory with a secure process
Display 3.5” TFT 320x480 resolution full touch screen display
Construction Crafted billet aluminum alloy mid-frame
Durability Device potting for shock resistance, vibration, and exclusion of moisture and corrosive agents
Memory 128MB DDR3, 8GB eMMC NVRAM
OS Linux
Dimensions 59.95mm x 90.18mm x 8.86mm
Weight 100g
Color Available in black

Refer and You Shall Receive

Refer your friends to Coinvest Vault and get $10 for every friend that you refer.

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